Ōbu natural apron

Also available in black and caramel

Unisex / Only size

45,00 EUR - 54,45 EUR incl. VAT

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Half body apron, with a formal and minimalistic cut. Lenght up to the shin. It has a central seam that ends in a 40 cm slit and also crosses with a horizontal seam at hip height that contains two invisible pockets.

Made with no coloration, uses less chemicals and saves water.

This garment can be personalised with a graphic motive through a print or an embroidery. Send us your artwork at studio@bastidaforwork.com

Materials & Care

100% organic cotton

Machine wash max. 30º                  bastida uniform symbol 4
Iron at low heat                       bastida uniform symbol 43
Do not bleach                          bastida uniform symbol 40
Dry clean except Thrichloroethylene    bastida uniform symbol 14
Do not tumble dry                      bastida uniform symbol 26