Bastida is a design studio and brand focused on developing premium workwear. On our website you will find a selected range of garments and accessories to supply your workwear necessities.

We also provide assessment, personalization, and bespoke design services for companies who want to change the way they communicate with their consumers as well as improving their experience.
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Coming from a Fashion and Fine Arts background, we came together thanks to a shared desire to promote an alternative way of consumption within the apparel industry.


We all found in workwear a place where we could create while generating a positive impact and a conscious way to produce. This allows us to offer a permanent collection, with space for care and improvement, disregarding the ephemerality of fashion and trend frenzy. 


Pushing the boundaries of uniformity, mending the lack of a feminine approach and the absence of a 360º design behind it.  Advocating for adequacy, not unification.

With those parameters in mind, we created Bastida, a word that means “scaffold” in Catalan, a structure dedicated to hold workers and help them reach inaccessible areas.

It had a meaningful undertone, and being also a feminine word in our language, it felt ideal.


Bastida was born from an existing need, not from the will to create one.Our commitment extends to the entire cycle of a garment’s life. From promoting our local producers, choosing ecologically made materials and post-consumer (GRS) recycled synthetic fibers, in order to the improve the washing experience and its environmental impact.

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